Behind the brand

"She's a good girl, loves her mama

Loves Jesus and America too

She's a good girl, crazy bout her 2 boys

Loves horses, beer and her boyfriend too"

-tom petty/nf 

Driving the back roads in my 65 Ford pickup truck, Darla by my side, country music on the radio, riding horses through the fields, stopping to pick wild flowers and watching the sun disappear behind the mountainside is where my soul feels most free and at peace, out in the country....

However, trips to the city has a way of inspiring my creative side. With a background in graphic and fashion design, sewing+crafting was the perfect way to see my designs come to life. After opening a creative workshop studio, where I taught art based classes, I stumbled upon leather works and fell in LOVE!! Was always slightly obsessed with handbags and frequently disappointed with the lack of good quality bags available locally for a reasonable price. I was then triggered to get my ass to work and whip up some rad, functional, raw leather bags and accessories.  

Steel Brass + Hyde has quickly become a passion of mine where I have married some of my favorite elements. It’s where raw, rough and edgy meets sleek, custom and classy. It’s branded rawhide and gorgeous brass buckles, Steel Brass Hyde is where the country meets elegance.

Noelle Fiore founder of SBH